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R0505S.BARDYH1743.M    Interesting long necked English freeblown blackglass (dark olive green) mallet form sealed mid body "*/BARDY/1743" smallish seal but with lip edge. Deep kickup with sand pontil, rounded base edge rounded mallet form, short sided, or almost club shaped body, rounded sloping shoulders into long elegant tapering neck through v-section stringrim below everted undulating erupting lip. Mostly full original surface gloss, some slight scuffs and scratches and usage, chip to right seal edge restored, lip edge restoration and two faint stars to mid body, one either side. 9 1/4"high, 4 7/8"diameter   £1750

"BARDY 1743" dated sealed English mallet

SKU: R0505S.BARDYH1743.M
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