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T1003C.SHELLDECSPITOON.M   Fascinating ceramic molded flat round spitton, c1850 brown heavy glazed lobed outside edge with cockle-shaped shell designs upper body and grooves leading down into centre hole. Central annular ridge, below which egg shaped lobes, with a base edge standing rind and an inset circle of grooves leading to centre. Nice colour contrasts of depths and highlight with mid brown and pale brown glaze effect, and much glaze speckling and impurities...a common made item for lower class establishments. One side shell has a hole for washing and emptying the contents....! Seen much use and has a patina of age, rubs and little knocks to glazed highpoints, but nothing that spoils the look and simply adds to its story. Some rust stains easily removeable with scourer or rust treatment, this has been dug so has a genuine provenance of use!..A real talking point and ideal for re-use in whatever one can create!   3"high, 8 1/4"diameter   £85

Spitoon brown glazed early 1800's

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