R0301S.TRANSITHOMOND.M  Attractive c1680s transitional freeblown English wine blackglass (mid olive green) overall lightly vitrified surface , sealed to shoulder with large well lipped seal with Ducal coronet over large "T" initial. The bottle is nevertheless attributed to the Earl of Thomond, (with property in Ireland and Northants) a Duke of such never existed and it can only have been an accidental misrepresentation. Deep kickup with sand pontil. Classic marvered tapered outwards lower body, sloped shoulders into wide based tapered neck through saturn disk stringrim well below everted snapped off refired smooth lip.  Superb restoration to the stringrim and lip. Otherwise all excellent and all original. 7 1/4"high, 6" diameter.  £4750

Earl Thomond sealed shaft & globe 1680