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Q0628SW.MROSEBOTTLE.M  Superb  earlyand rare brown saltglazed stoneware thumbed base or piecrust base handled bottle c1550 of style used on Mary Rose. Overall mid brown over grey glazed body with various touchmarks and glaze drips, much evidence of rilling/potting lines in the body, good wide heavy thumbedbase with recess below, into elongated bulous body into short neck topped with tooled inwards lip. Short well applied single grooved handle to shoulder and lip. Rust patches to front of body, easily removeable, crazing to some of heavier glazed areas towards base, thumbnail sized slight lift of one area towards base, shallow sliver ofone thumb edge, and sliver off underneath crossing two thumpieces, but all non detracting. This one of the best condition examplesof these I have seen for a long time. This style found eg in barber surgeons chest recovered fom Henry VIII "Mary Rose" flagship.  5 7/8"high, 3 1/2"diamter.   £675

Rare Thumbased Mary Rose Tudor bottle

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