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R0822S.STUYVESANTSEAL.M  Blackglass, freeblown (dipmold) magnum squat cylinder wine sealed to upper body "P.S" in intertwined script intials. c1770+. Traditionally ascribed to Petrus Stuyvesant (1727-1805) great great grandson of Peter Stuyvesant the last Dutch Director-General of New Netherlands, later to become New York.  Full original surface gloss, very dark  olive green, various small bubbles, medium kickup with large rough sand pontil, sagged base, whittled body sides round shoulders into longish tapering nec through fine applied separate stringrim below heavily turned down over lip. Pot stone to shoulder with 1/4" internal stress fracture and vague dark 1/4"diameter oyster on surface. Otherwise excellent. Well struck seal wit good lip edge.This example is of smaller size and very different lip configuration to others existing. 12 1/8"high, 5 1/2"diameter £2450

Peter STUYVESANT sealed American mademagnum squat