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L0314S.WMBILTONPK.X ch Ultra rare widemouth freeblown squat wine bottle c1770 well sealed to mid body I/WATSON/Efqr/BILTON PARK", in serif caps and lower case as shown. Mostly good seal lip edge, black glass (dark olive green) full original surface gloss, deep kickup with sand pontil and sagged base, heavily whittled sides and bubbled body, straight sagging sides up to rounded shoulders into short striated wide based neck going through crude applied stringrim undulating below heavily everted sheared off and re-annealed lip. Triangle section to lip restored with opaque resin. Any wide mouth seal is particularly rare and one of the most desirable. This example is suprisingly early and looks lovely and crude despite the small damage. 8 7/8"high, 5"diameter  £1995

Rare widemouth sealed squat Watson Bilton Park

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