P0521S.SHARPE1781.EG  st/ch   Attractive classic English/colonial blackglass squat freeblown wine sealed to mid body "I/Sharp/1781" in good lip edged seal, well struck eriffed face, full original surface gloss, deep kickup with rough sand pontil and light quatreform mark, sagged base rippled sides, to below shoulder dipmold lineover which rounded shoulders have overflowed, into short leaning lightly tapering neck going through unusually crudely applied unshaped stringrim below everting sheared off refired stringrim. Some chipping to one side of lip and 2 very light internal stars to right shoulder, otherwise an excellent example of this date and form. Seal yet to be attributed but notable J Sharp characters populate both UK and Americas around this time. 10"high 4 5/8"diameter £645

Sealed squat wine I/Sharp/1781