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Latest News


In these virus concerned times it is quite likely many of the advertised shows may be cancelled. Please check with organisers before travelling.

We can confirm officially that: 

Cirencester Bottle Show April 5th, and

Minstead Bottle show May 10th

Attleborough show on April 26th

Perth show on May 6th


Elsecar BBR events, shows AND AUCTIONS HAVE NOW also BEEN CANCELLED OR POSTPONED, with just the Summernational pending

a decision based on how things pan out.

We will try to keep you up to date with all latest related news, but we need organisers to help us help you!....

But all this means that so many are online chatting bottles on facebook and internet forums and there will undoubtedly be ore digging going on, so take this opportunity to advance the hobby even more! Try joining the massive facebook and internet bottle community..there are hundreds of specialised groups you can pop in and chat to, leave an image or two and even buy and sell your stuff. Its like a 24 hour virtual bottleshow going on worldwide! :)


Exclusively on the new ABC one stop bottle information source and AAAuctions Ltd.

ABC is pleased to announce that AAAuctions Ltd has graciously allowed us to link in to their unique "Past Auction" search and pricing tool and database. Simply follow the link, insert a relevant keyword for the type of bottle you are interested in e.g. "Daffy", and all the Daffy's and related bottles that AAAuctions have sold in all their previous auctions will appear, with descriptions, photographs and hammer price achieved! Note the dates and you will be able to see how prices have moved over the years for those bottle types. 
An incredible and valuable FREE tool that many websites try to charge for, and one which will simply continue to build and build, supporting and encouraging bottle collecting worldwide!




and we're starting on #79


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Announcing NEW "BASIC INFO" pages to be added

ABC Magazine will be picking out certain articles from previous issues that fulfill an educational role to new collectors or offer helpful info for mature collectors, and posting them permanently on this website for all to see and perform as an further information database. 
Watch this space for these to start appearing. OR IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS WHAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE in this format on here, please let us know.

About Antique Bottle Collector Magazine

ABC magazine is a quarterly full-colour magazine of 40 + pages. Read about new finds, researched histories, show reports, digging news, bottles wanted and for sale. The aim is to encourage all those who have discovered the 'buzz' of hunting and digging out Edwardian, Victorian, and sometimes earlier bottle dumps. Some of which can be valuable, all of which are fascinating, intrinsically beautiful and important local social history artifacts.

Back issues of ABC Magazine are available from £1 each+post. Go to the Resources/Books section to see some of the more recent issues available.

Image courtesy of AAAuctions Ltd

We are grateful to AAAuctions Ltd for the use in many instances of their excellent photography both in this website and in the printed ABC magazine. 

We'd love to hear from you!

Back issues available:-

most back issues are still available though going fast now. Pricing is very simple....the most recent previous four issues are £5 each plus post, but after that anything previous is JUST £1 each! plus post....contact us to check what is available. Usually best to arrange FREE pickup at a show..