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Useful books, websites, and further reading material to help identify and learn more about your bottles.

Latest News

Don't forget!....

the second Alton bottle show this year Sunday 20th Nov at .... Alton! :)

Dont forget Alton's second botttle show this year. A concentrated focus of bottle buying and selling activity. Mick and his crew are long term experienced show organisers and this show is always packed out with no stalls available. ABC magazine will be there with Earlyglass, so bring your items for photographing and your article ideas, bring your earlyglass for ID and valuation.

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NOW AVAILABLE ABOVE....VALUE YOUR RARE ITEMS INSTANTLY! Use the massive and unique archive of AA Auctions past results to find what values your items have achieved in the past and how they have performed over time. Just go to the link and enter any search term likely to best identify your item. All items including that term will appear with all accompanying details including prices achieved. A superb and really useful database!

Keep checking out the latest updated "Earlyglass" catalog 

NOW on this ABC website! New recently updated catalog but loads more to come!

To go there, click on any of the "Earlyglass"

buttons you see and then use the Search button at the top of page to look for any keyword items eg. "onion" -  then open each item of interest in a new tab to keep it available in the background and compare. Please don't hesitate to ask for further info or images


Want to see what a complete issue is like?....
FREE link to a COMPLETE older ONLINE ISSUE for you to investigate and enjoy. Exactly the same as the printed version

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ABC magazine is a quarterly full-colour magazine of 40 + pages. Read about new finds, researched histories, show reports, digging news, bottles wanted and for sale. The aim is to encourage all those who have discovered the 'buzz' of hunting and digging out Edwardian, Victorian, and sometimes earlier bottle dumps. Some of which can be valuable, all of which are fascinating, intrinsically beautiful and important local social history artifacts.

Back issues of ABC Magazine are available from £1 each+post. Go to the Resources/Books section to see some of the more recent issues available.

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About Antique Bottle Collector Magazine

Latest issue #86 packed with an extra 4 pages now available!....

Check your subs - email us to check your status if you haven't received. Your last issue should have included a subs reminder if it was due, but of course some of us do put that aside and then forget! No problem, just contact us and we'll get it sorted, or buy one from us at the shows. (WE get to most of them one way or another, but not EVERY one, so don't rely on that event solely. You can email on ABCantiquebottlemagazine@outlook.com

or telephone Mark on

01326 340533, and you can pay by paypal or cheque (if within UK) or bank transfer, or international bank transfer.

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We are grateful to AAAuctions Ltd for the use in many instances of their excellent photography both in this website and in the printed ABC magazine. 

We'd love to hear from you!

Back issues available:-
most back issues are still available though going fast now. Pricing is very simple....the most recent previous four issues are £5 each plus post, but after that anything previous is JUST £1 each! plus post....contact us to check what is available. (The very early ones we now ask more for as we are running out!). Usually best to arrange FREE pickup at a show..


Thanks! Message sent.