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Who we are

Earlyglass are internationally acclaimed as the leading dealers in early domestic glass and stoneware bottles and related items for the approximate period 1450-1850. Mark Nightingale began business as a profitable hobby in the early 1970's but became full time in 1990. The introduction of the internet gave easy access to the worldwide market both for buying and selling, and a personal background in graphic design and marketing meant that these opportunities were made the most of.


A previous website was one of the first launched worldwide, providing not only a buyable stocklist of over a thousand specifically early items, but also an educational tool for those wanting to compare and learn more about their own examples. 


Earlyglass has always been keen to promote education and research in the hobby, and the launch of the facebook forum group "Earlyglass for sale & show" gathered like-minded collectors from all parts of the world and has become the exclusive hub for discussion, research, education and display of this area of the hobby with currently over 1700 members with a specialised interest.


More recently Earlyglass took over ownership of "Antique Bottle Collector", (ABC) a full colour 40 page professionally printed magazine covering the whole bottle collecting hobby and is enthusiastically building it into a major force promoting interest in bottle collecting. The Earlyglass catalog now forms part of the whole ABC website.


Earlyglass is based in the wilds of Cornwall in UK, but spreads it's stock hunting searches worldwide, shows, collectors, auctions, ebay etc for its large database of clients. We are as keen to encourage young/new collectors with lower value early items as we are the major international items, so we carry the full range.  Earlyglass has supplied items for major collectors and museums and on occasions created complete collections for moneyed clients, and props for period films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and others. We offer a free identification and valuation service for individual items and provide official valuations for insurance, estates and probate. Visitors to Cornwall are welcome to visit their premises by appointment.

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