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Books & Websites

A list of recommended book titles and websites for further reading. 



Titles of bottle related literature that ABC recommends. Highlighted titles are for sale.


We have included the main website of BBR publishing who, (although they publish a sister magazine similar to ABC), they do stock a wide range of NEW bottle related publications and often at extremely competitive prices unmatched elsewhere. We can only recommend you do look seriously at any titles they stock.

BBR Auctions/Events/Publishing

ABC on the other hand, offers and specialises in the more difficult to find, out of print and sometimes collectable in their own right publications, usually second hand. A list of which will be coming soon below....

(Coming soon)

We are also adding here the link to Willy Van Den Bossche's  Bibliography of Glass...which is a complete listing of all the known bottle and glass related publications which we think readers may find useful.


ABC Magazine Back Issues


Back issues of ABC Magazine (including some with original title) are available. Basic details  of more recent issues in the image below...

back issues page_01.png



Uk online resources


BBR Auctions/Events/Publishing

EarlyGlass sales (currently under reconstruction)


Paul Barker's superb ointment pot website

All things Wiltshire, Bristol, and Bath

Codds and related items



International resources


A case history of GBs earliest world brand:…/spiritschweppes-worldwide/

the spirit of eggbottles:

Hans-Jürgen Krackher's marketing cabinet: 

Phil Culhane's excellent Persian glass

Bill Brown's comprehensive Gin bottles website

Dutch bottle collectors website


Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors


Auction sites


Alan Austin Auctions

BBR Auctions/Events/Publishing

Richard Wooders' complete Auction service


Ebay Auction site


The Saleroom Auction service


EasyLive Auction service

Alton bottle club website

Dorset bottle club website


ABCR (Australian Bottle magazine Auctions)


Graham Lancaster (Australian) auction


Roy Croft (Australian) auctions


Kiwi (New Zealand) Auctions


(Canadian) Auctions


Glassworks Auctions (America)


Norman Heckler Auctions (America)


John Pastor Auctions (America)


American Bottle Auctions

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