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S0421.PINCHWAISTUNION.M   Fascinating freeblown (pinchwaist molded, pinchwaist decanter c1800 with shallow kickup and blowpipe pontil, rounded base edges, lower body rounded pinchmolding marks, equal body proportions below and above pinch, rounded sloping shoulders going into short neck through crudely applied stringrim below snapped off firesmoothed lip. Ful original surface gloss withvarious gilded decoration including in main four panels with verses of "Union" song including: "Togive the Devil his due John Bull preach'd a yarn Pitch the foesof our country Says he "Head and Stern"//"Hootmon", says Sawney, As friendship he plighted, Who'd dare be our foes lad, while we are united?"//"Od splutter"says Taffy, "It is hur pelief, They'll meet with such leeks They'll want no RoastBeef//..ther our foes" replies Pad...dy and sink 'em all f...t.....succefs to John Bull, Sawney, Taffy and Pat"   with grapes and vine leaves over upper corners and shoulders with individual leek, thistle, clover and .... allgilded images on upper faces symbolising each country.  Original long cork with silver plate topped stopper and ring with RUM engraved above. Various bubbles and light striations, full original gloss and light wear to gilding. 12 1/4"high,3 7/8"square £sold

18thC pinchwaist gin gilded union verses

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