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T1101S.JNANDREWSAMERRICK.M    Blackglass (dark olive green) threepiece mold basemarked "H.RICKETTS & Co/GLASSWORKS BRISTOL" fairly faintly, on outer gallery around domed kickup with crude sand pontil. Straight whittled sides, round shoulders into short bulging over the mold top neck, topped with a classic American style finished double conical lip and stringrim. Very faint "PATENT" embossed to shoulder. Very large seal midbody with no lip edge reading "John/Andrews" in serif u/l case. All examples of these originated in America and include examples inAmerican museums, this is now accepted as an American made bottle using one of the patent bottle molds sold by Ricketts. Although the body is Ricketts style the neck and lip and seal show non Ricketts style finishing. Excellent condition throughout.   9"high, 3 3/4"diameter   £sold

American seal Ricketts "John Andrews" c1840

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