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Q0114.APOTHSTOPAMETH.M   Superb freeblown dark amethyst colour full original surface gloss apothecary shelf display storage jars with freeblown flat globe stoppers, the bottles gilded with  labels reading "MAGN:CALC:" / "PIP:CAYENN." / "SP:VINI.R" / "P:G:ACACIE.", straight sides raised base with rough sandpontil, rounded sloped shoulders into short wide moutH finished in heavy turned over lip, the mouth ground for a matching freeblown stopper flattened globe style with ground out pontil at top. Rare and impressive and magnificent when seen in a run, and there are four different available! All excellent. Approx 12" +1 1/2" high, 6 3/4"diameter    £625 each, set of four for £1995

Apothecary Amethyst gilded display rounds

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