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S1118SW.LION BELLAMST.M  r   Totally attractive very speckled tigerglaze saltglazed stoneware bellarmine with benign lion face bearded mask and large deep crude roundel showing Amsterdam coat of arms. Larger than standard size, c1600. very very crude and delightful, overal pale grey backglround but totaally covered in daark brown spotted glazing. Narrow wirecut foot,  with rough edges, bulbous body but just starting to slim, into short neck topped with good cordoned lip. Large and deeplion face charicature mask.  Restored example with several long hairlines touched in around the body, and small hole at rear. 95% original including handle still attached. small restoration to front of lip. Various attractive glaze runs and drips down body,  and usual small touch marks etc. 10"high, 6 1/4"diameter.    £Sold

Bellarmine lion faced Amsterdam CofA tigerglazed

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