REDDOT63.G15/18.WEFTBURN1736.NW  Classic freeblown English blackglass (dark olive green) mallet selaed to low shoulder "*/Weftburn/1736" within good seal lip edge, veyr deep kickup with sand pontil, sgged base, tapering straight ides tounding sloping shoulders into short tapering neck through v section stringrim below everted snapped off firepolished lip. Full original surface gloss with many very fine usage scratches and heavy wear ring to base. Several Westburns are in the Scotland area and this almost certainy relates to an estate for one of those.  Restoration to lip above stringrim with two hairlines leading diagonally down and nibbles above to same section of lip have all been restored excellently. Displays perfectly.  9"high, 6"base diameter.  £3350

Blackglass Mallet sealed Weftburn/1736