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T0606SW.SGREENCOOPERS.M   cr   Attractive brown saltglazed stoneware widemouth preserves impressed upper body "COOPER/PATENT PRESERVERS" with Coat of arms and supporters between. Boldly impressed serif caps. Dates 1831-1858.Towards base impressed oval "STEPHEN GREEN/GLASS LINED INSIDE/LAMBETH", overall mid to light brown speckled  glaze from front to cream at rear. 1"diameter touchmark  to right shoulder. Hairline running across base and up body to shoulder, with arms leading off 3" low body horizontally and 2 similar mid and high body horizontally, all tight. Two 1" and 1 1/2" very shallow flakes off base. base edge trimmed, straight sides, round shoulders, into short wide neck topped with bold rounded lip. Displays excellently and great colouring, has issues but a bargain budget buy. 8 5/8"high, 3 3/4"diameter  £95

Coopers Patent Preserves S Green widemouth

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