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S753.H44.1.EG/1762.NW   Superb early feeblown squat blackglass (mid olive green) sealed upper body "E.G./1762" within a heart shaped border. Full originalsurface gloss, fully whittled and crude throughout. Very deep kickup with sand pontil, sagged base whittled sides with left side body depressionsloped shoulders into long tapering leaning neck through downtooled stringri below everted snapped off firesmoothed lip. Many tear bubbes  and ripples. typical North Country glasshouse or possible American manufacture.Sliver off lip edge, minimal flake off lip edge, light internal sediment stain, Beautiful example. 9 1/8"high, 4 1/4"diameter.  £sold AA

Crude early dated sealed squat EG/1762

SKU: S753.H44.1.EG/1762.NW
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