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V0703M.DAFFYSPONT.M  Classic aqua flat octagonal crosshinge molded sand pontilled medicine c1840 embossed all around "TRUE/DAFFY'S/ELIXIR//DICEY/&CO/NO 10 BOW/CHURCH/YARD/LONDON//Unlefs the Name/Of DICEY & CO/is in the Stamp/Over the Cork/the Medicine is/Counterfeit" in bold seric u/l case. Flat side with usual whittling, sloped near flat shoulders into shortneck topped withapplied squared lip. Full gloss, narrow sliver off edge of lip, grubby surface but overall gloss. 4 7/8"high, 3" x 1 5/8"rect   £sold

Daffys Elixir pontilled aqua c1840

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