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T0607S.MOYLE1744MALL.M   st c  Attractive classic English (probablyCornish) freeblown blackglass (dark olive green) mallet formwine bottle sealed mid body "Richd./Moyle/1744" in good u/lcase serifs within good seal lip edge. Deep kickup with sand pontil, sagged base staright sides rounding sloping shoulders into medium length tapering neck through bold downtooled stringrim below everted snapped off firesmoothed lip. Approx 70% original surface gloss with light matte to rear and side and some base. Some small areas very light iridising to ochre/silver colours and small patches of ultra light surface gloss. 1/4"diameter flake off underside strigrim and chip/flake off outside lip 3/8"wide. Faint star to right hand side with 4x 3/8" arms, hairline to right inside approx 1 1/2"long horizontal. Striations throughout bottle surface and inside including a dark streak swirling through body. As yet unattributed but see Burton p685, probably a Helston family.  8 1/2"high, 5 1/4"diameter    £1950

Dated 1744 English/colonial sealed mallet

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