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N1001S.RGASKELL1761.N  Classic blackglass (dark olive green) squat/mallet with long neck sealed to upper body "R/Gafkell/1761" in serif type withgood seal lip edge. Similar sealed bttles known as more typical cylinders and there are connection with Warrington, Cheshire, Gaskell also being a prominent particularly Lancastrian name. Deep kickup with sand pontil, sagged base, rippled, bubbled sides, rounded sloped shoulders into long striated neck through bold downtooled stringrim below snapped off firesmothed everted lip. Near full original surface gloss, Bottle has unfortunately been dropped and restored, many pieces having been glued back together and glue seeped into the cracks stabilising it. Displays well 9 1/2"high, 4 3/4"diameter. £1400

Dated squat wine sealed R Gaskell 1761

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