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U1103M.TURLINGTONBEVLIP.M   Rare English clear leadglass crosshinge molded solid rod pontilled class med embossed "BY THE/KINGS/ROYAL/PATENT/GIVEN/TO//ROBT/TURLI/NGTON/FOR HIS/INVENTED/BALSOM/OF/LIFE//JANy2617…//LONDON" 9 in serif caps. Not bold but readable. Classic cello shapewith rounded then flattened shoulders... so inbetween the round shoulder and the flat shoulder versions... Overall light silk matte with some stain and sediment. With short neck and lip flared out and downtooled/angled slightly unusually. No issues though other than surface patina. 2 3/16"high, 1 3/8"x 3/4"rect   £sold

English turlington pontilled leadglass

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