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REDDOT48.G56.11.JFCYLPATINA.NW   Classic freebown blackglass (dark olive green cylinder c1770-80 sealed to upper body "J.F." rather crudely with mch distortion of seal edge though not affecting readability of the large serif caps. Overal some gloss but with light cellar damp patina to approx 1/3rd side. deep kickup with sand pontil, sagged base, rippled sides to round sholder into short tapering neck finishing in conjoined downtooled collar stringrim with everted outtooled and flattened lip.  A stocky heavy bottle, some fine bubbles, noissues other than the surface effect which gives a pleasing aged look. Leaning body and neck.  10 1/2"high, 3 7/8"diameter £295

Freeblown blackglass cyinder c1770+ sealed J.F.

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