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T0607.BLOOMEDSPAWATER.M  Superb freeblown blackglass (mid olive green) Belgian/Northern Germanic spa water bladder c1750 with extreme examples of blue blooming/glassgall colouring, showing  opaque bluey grey at the lip andpale green grey at the  shoulder and then gradually fading out but swirling around the body almost al the way down with strings of light colour swirling even to the base. Full original surface gloss, Striations to body and many seed bubbles etc . Straitions vertically through neck, lip snapped off and only slightly firesmoothed. Some flakes off the edge of the lip as is typical in use, (see images) otherwise excellent.  9 3/4"long, 5 3/4" x 3 3/8"diameter. £475

Glassgall swirled spa water superb c1750

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