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T0801SW.GREYBELLARM.M   Classic Brown saltglazed stoneware german bellarmine c1700 with thick heavy dappled grey glaze all over. Symbolic amlost abstracted facemask and beard and central body symbolic  rose medallion. Bown colour inside mouth. Chip/flake approx 1/4"wide  within lip, sliver flakedown side of handle approx 3/4"long. Neck and handle reglued tightly. Much appealing crudeness, kiln marks and touchmarks, small glaze drips and blows. Hairline across base 4 ways with hole approx 1/4"diameter in centre. horizontal hairline runnin above foot body approx 3/4circumference and chip approx 1/2wide to foot edge. Wirecut base haevy glaze over. Great character and contrasting colour to many bellarmines. 9"high, 5"diameter    £sold

Grey glazed bellarminec1600

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