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S0320SW.HOFFRASS.M   Excellent attractively coloured example of the classic "I C Hoffmann/Rassberry Jam" saltglazed brown stoneware widemouth preservs jar, with large bold clear serif u/l case serif impressed to upper body. Upper body nicely coloured in mid brown speckled glaze above grey/buff lower body. Large darks glaze spot drippign to right hand side. Flat base, straight sides, rounding sloped shoulders throught two annular shoulder rings into short neck topped with bold round tooled lip. Flake off edge lip right side approx 3/8"diameter, worn off glaze over lip top. A great character and very pleasing example. 6"high, 4 1/2"diameter    £sold

Hoffmann Rassberry stoneware preseves jar c1830

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