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I0510S.BAIKIERN.X Rare and important Naval Seal, 3pm halfsize cylinder c1840 sealed well to mid body “J.BAIKIE/R.N” with good seal lip edge, blackglass (dark olive green) full original surface gloss, deep conical kickup with rough sand pontil, whittled straight sides, to horizontal mold line, round shoulders to long narrow neck through conjoined double downtooled applied stringrim and lip. Captain John Baikie Royal Navy was father of the famous William Balfour Baile, the Scottish adventurer. This bottle is the only example showing the RN initals for Royal Navy association. A rare and historic item in excellent condition. 9 1/4”H, 2 5/8”D £sold

J Baikie R.N. rare sealed Royal Navy wine

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