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T1213.MAGNUM IRIDESCONION.M  Magnificent iridescent rare magnum size English pancake onion, freeblown c1705, blackglass (dark olive green) coveraed overall in metalic subtle rainbow colouring etc. (Compare the double shot against a normal full size english onion above) Deep kickup with rough sandchip pontil, very wide flattened onion body with rounded sides and rounded sloped shoulders into longer tapering neck through well formed applied v section stringrim below everted, snapped off firesmoothed lip. No issues at all other than the pleasing iridescent surface effect, some slight usage wear and scratces, all iridesced. Marvellous and impressive looking form. Really stands out in any collection.  8 1/2"high, 8"diameter.  £sold

Magnum English pancake irridescent onion superb!

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