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U0207.OCTROUND1790.M   Excellent character rare round octagonal bodied English possibly "Newcastle square" freeblown (dipmold) blackglass (dark olive green) c1790 wine/beer/utility. 95% full original surface gloss, just some light usage wear/matte patches on highlights. Deep kickup with rough sand/glasschip pontil.  Roughly molded  octagonal form is very unequal with three panels being much wider than others so the body is very uneven and delightful.Sagged base and arched side panels all around, very whittled surface, up to rounded shoulders into short bulged and tapering neck going through applied very deep overtooled lip babove downtooled stringrim. bold and  clumsy. Some large bubbles and many smaller, striated surface and interior content residue make this example stand out. 10 1/4"high, 3 3/4"x 4" across flats.  £975

"Newcastle square" octagonal porter/utility c1790

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