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S858.NONDUBIO.NW   Classic early blackglass freeblown cylinder c1770, large oval seal to mid body depicting mailed arm holding a scimitar above which the words "NON DUBIO" being the crest and motto of Bickford Family of Dunsland House Devon, the earliest of a group of sealed shapes that this family commissioned. Deep kickup with massive sharp disk edge pontil (partial thin skin of glass adhering across the pontil diameter), sagge base, leaning body, usualyrippled up to rounded shoulders onto short tapering striated neck going through bold applied stringrim uptooled towards downtooled over lip. Full original surface gloss, but cellar found so still retaining grime and portions of od newspaper print to lower body. Small flake off left edge of bold seal. Internal sediment stain. 10 3/8"high, 3 3/4"diameter   £sold


Non Dubio sealed blackglass cylinder c1770

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