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S0415M.LABELGUNINNESS.M  Blackglass (mid olive green) three piece mold porter with original paper label printed black on aged white, "GUINESS'S EXTRA STOUT/JAMES'S GATE DUBLIN" around classic Harp logo, above ArthurGuiness' signature, above a red individual batch number and "BOTTLED BY/THE VENDOR/ 527 c1850 base embossed "P & R/BRISTOL" in sans serif caps within outer gallery around central boss. Straight sides, round shoulders, one of which embossed "PATENT" in sand serif caps, into short tapering neck to deep applied collar over downtooled stringrim. Nicely crude, striated and bubbled. 9 3/8"high, 3 3/4"diameter   £sold

Original Guinness label P&R 3pm porter

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