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P1108.HARLEMENSIS1.M  Incredibly rare and early labelled patent med early 18thC freeblown dark aqua phial with flared neck, and solid pontil, containing original contents. Crudely cut outand pasted label printed with an upraised sword withcross at tip and two stars either side.Underneath title "HARLEMENSIS" all on a shield background. Cured waterproof skinhide stretched over mouth, tied down andaround below with waxed packthread. Dark brown liquid contents. Particularlycrude blown body with two large dimples up sside, very appealing.  Extreme rare historically and academically important. Harlem oil drops were used in treatment of kidney liver and bladder problems, and also more suspicously to "aid women in trouble" 3 3/8" high, 3/4"diameter    £sold

Original label Harlem oil phial

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