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V1007SW.PUZZLEJUGBROW.M    (Middle of group of three shots). Brown saltglazed stoneware probable Brampton Puzzlejug c1840 on pedestalled raised base with flattened rotund body applied with deep modelled sprigs, a windmill, a reclining smoker with bunch of keys, a seated toper with piupe and foaming tankard, a sleeping toper sitting on a barrel, head leaning over another, and a leafy tree.  To one side a large grooved handle spanning a deep straight sided neck cut through with round and ovate holes, below the horizontal neck tube with three extended spouts underneath a final secttion of neck pierced with hearts and pellets. Excellent condition. 7 7/10"high, 5 1/2"diameter   £225

Puzzlejug with Brampton sprigs c1840

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