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Q0706SW.CROSSBLACKOILMENJAR.M   Excellent bristol glazed stoneware widemouth jar two tone mid brown upper and lower cream body, impressed to upper body in large serif combinations "Crosse & Blackwell/Oilmen/21 SOHO SQUARE" all very readable. Rilling line to shoulder and neck joins, short neck immediately into large rounded lip. Flat base, straight sides rounded shoulders. Light digging wear of no consequence. Edmund Crosse & Thomas Blacwell took over an existing pickle manufacturing firm in Soho in 1830, relocating to new premises at 20 Soho Square in 1838 and taking on 21 Soho square in 1858, so dating this pot perfectly. 6 3/4"high, 4 1/2"diameter   £sold

Cross & Blackwell impressed jar

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