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R0808.WMDAYONION.M   Unusual coloured and deep bodied inverted onion/mallet transitional form c1720 blackglass (dark olive amber)  Full original surface gloss, deep kickup, sandpontil with quatreform indent, rounded base, rounded outward tapering under body marvered  flat sides, rounded shoulders into short tapering neck through v section  below snapped off firesmoothed lip. Light usage wear overall, interesting diamond etched script reading : "Wm Day". Potential northern glasshouse attribution. Tiny internal star to shoulder, 3 nibbles to the stringrim one side, affecting approx 3/4". Some bubbles and light striation. 6 3/4"high, 5 1/8"diameter.   £sold

Inverted onion inscr "WM Day" c1720

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