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REDDOT85.H35.13.BOOTHSBGCYL.NW   Classic, blackglass three piece mold cylinder c1850 sealed very low body, recessed base with central boss, straight sides  to round shoulders into long lightly bulged or pinched in neck with shaped combined downtoolestringrim and deep rounding lip. Approx 90% surface gloss, otherwise some scuff area to left and rear. Tight little seal reading "BOOTH & CO//55COW CROSS//SUPERIOR/NO.1/GIN" within good seal lip edge, lightly rubbed on highpoint. A rare blackglass version (otherwise found in aqua) these so often found in poor condition, this needs veyr little work to make it excellent. Notable for naming Gin contents, whichis unusualin a round bottle, but Booths made a name for their Gin and probably worked off this difference. 11 1/8"high, 3 1/8"diameter £sold

Rare 1850s Booth's sealed 3pm round Gin

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