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S0601.1730OCT.M  Extreme rare and desirable English freeblown (dipmold) fat bodied long necked octagonal c1730 blackglass (dark olive green), flat base with sand pontil, sagged very whittled short flat sides, into rounded sloped shoulders into lng tapering elegant neck through downtooled stringrim below everting snapped off firepolished lip. General light usage wear to highpoints, otherwise original surface gloss. fascinating light stippling of one face the letters "RS" potentially then defaced with further light scratches and other illegible letters. Just one inconsequential chip/flake off underside of stringrim. Very rare and very attractive piece of social history...10 1/8"high, 4 7/8" x 2 3/4"across flats.   £1800

RARE Flat octagonal long necked blackglass wine c1730

SKU: S0601.1730OCT.M
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