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U0330M.IBINITIALLEDSQUAT.M   Freeblown (dipmold) squat blackglass (dark olive green) squat wine, spirit or porter c1800, faintly embossed to mid body large serif letters "I B" (bodyseriffed "I"= J), shallow whittled kickup with sand pontil, sagged base, lopsided whittled sides, leaning body to rounded shoulders flattening into short bulged neck pinching in to conjoined but initially separetd stringrim underneath boldly applied downtooled deep lip. Full original surface gloss Excellent. Still we do not understand the significnce of the lettering, and other letters are found, but mostly roman numerals, or easily cuttable letters. 10 1/2"high, 4 1/4"diameter    £265

Rare initialled squat spirit

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