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 U0614M.NAILSEASALT.M   Extreme rare Nailsea style freeblown  c1780 blackglass (dark olive amber) with many white glass frit inclusions liberally spattered and turned throughout body surface, blown as open bodied footed wide pedestal salt with good bowl shape on top with smoothed out fine glasschipped pontil in centre bottom of bowl. Foot has folded lip to stand on. Theoretically also works upside down as a small shaped widemouthed container! Never seen quite the like before, and a very important and possibly quite early white speckled item. Full original surface gloss, just some very light wear on the rim of the salt bowl. All white bubbles and striated tears are complete and undamaged. 2 3/4"high, 2 3/4"diameter foot. £750

Rare Nailsea style salt pedestal

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