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S1124.WMFLATOCTCR.M    cr     Incredibly rare blackglass (dark olive green) freeblown (dipmolded) flat octagonal squat widemouth c1750. English/colonial, near flat base with sand pontil, sagbased, straight whittled sides leaning body to round shoulders into wide based tapering striated short neck through bold downtooled applied stringrim well below everted snapped off firesmoothed lip. Full original surface gloss. Extreme rare octagonal form, insignificant flake off lip edge approx 1/4"diameter, and crack runningup one corner edge, shoulder and neck, looped around at base. Damaged but displays excellently and incredible rarity even amongst already rare octagonals. 6 3/4"high, 3 3/4" x 2 1/2"rect   £495

Rare widemouth octagonal squat snuff utility c1750

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