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S0907.1685MAGNUM.M   Superb rare and classic freeblown magnum blackglass (dark olive green) marvered onion form with traces of  shaft and globe shaping, but in impressive magnum size. Full original surface gloss, deep kickup with sand pontil, heavy wear ring, good usage wear/rubs etc to body, loads of bubbles etc, rounded base edge, outward tapering lowerbody, rounded sloping shulders into short widebased tapering neck through saturn ring stringrim below evertedsnapped off firesmoothed lip. Amazingly good condition for age and size, just a star to shoulder 1"long with 1/2" arm coming off, and 1 1/4" star to low body with 1/4" arms, both very very faint.   £sold

Magnum c1685 English onion transitional

SKU: S0907.1685MAGNUM.M
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