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S101.H10-38.NW OAKESBURY1770.NW   Classic blackglass cylinder sealed to upper body "1770/Iames/Oakes/Bury" within reasonable seal lip edge, fu original surface gloss, internal sediment, deep kickup with sand pontil, sagged base straight whittled sides to ronded flattening shoulders into short tapering neck through uptooled applied stringrim below snapped off eerverted firesmoothed lip. various small bubbles, 3/8" chip/sliver off edge of lip otherwise good. Faint external star 1/4"diameter right shoulder. Excellent example of early dated sealed culinder from a well known wine merchant/banker attribution. several dates and varieties are available for James Oakes including intersting seal adaptions. James Oakes (1741-1829) was a yarn merchant, banker and prominent citizen of Bury St Edmunds, best known today for his diaries. 10 1/4"high, 3 3/4"diameter. £850

Sealed 1770 James Oakes Bury cylinder

SKU: S101.H10-38.NW OAKESBURY1770.NW
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