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T0728S.METHEGLIN1723.M    cr   Extreme rare earliest known content seal, mid body well struck reading "I*B/Metheglin/1723" in appealing careful serif u/lcase. with seal lip edge. Metheglin being a fortified mead, especially popular in Wales, classic blackglass (dark olive green) freeblownonion with doming body form and sloped shoulder into short wide based curving in neck topped with wide v-section stringrim just atsnapped off firesmoothed lip, Full original surface gloss, deep hummock kickup with rough wide sand pontil. Internal light sedimentation. Crack running horizontally around 3/4 of the bottle mid way, difficult to see on display and displays excellently. One part of crack with 1/2" long narrow sliver out of the surface, sliver/chip off edgeof stringrim approx 1"long.  6 5/8"high, 6 3/8"diameter.   £sold

Sealed dated onion"IB Metheglin 1723" earliest known contents seal

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