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T0601S.1788SQUATINITS.M  Superb blackglass (dark olive green) classic squat wine sealed  mid body with Hart's Head above "WH"in monogram with 1788 below.  Large seal good lip edge. Deep kickup with sand pontil, sagged base straight whittled sides, round shoulders into long tapering neck through squared collar stringrim below downtooled over lip. Full original See Burton p791 for a second example found at White Hart Inn Bridge St, Evesham Worcestershire. Now in the Almonry Museum. Even in Burton it is described as W W 1788 having a "Stag's Head", but this is plainly a White Hart's head, which, makes it one of the latest tavern seals I've now come across! A Humphrey Hundley was innkeeper in 1793/1798 so potentially a father (same surname potential) who was the previous innkeeper etc would have had this bottle made. Ill need to look that up further. Full surface gloss. 10"high, 4 1/2"diameter £sold

Sealed dated1788 squat wine

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