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S1045. JNOWansboro1798.NW  Classic freeblon blackglass (dark olive green) cylinder sealed to upper body, "Jno/1798/Wansbrough" in serif mixed type on large seal. Deep kickup withsharp diskedge pontil, sagged base, whittled sides to dipmold shoulder bulge, rounde shoulders into long lightly tapering neck topped with fine apled stringrim below heavily everted and downtooled,flattened lip. Full riginal surface gloss,many seed bubbles, excellent condition just one 3/8"nobble to underside rear of lip. Jonothan Wansbrough owned Shrewton Lodge, Wiltshire, b1774, d1833. Wansbroughs ere ealthy farmers and Lords of Manor, of Dutch extraction. 11 5/8"high, 3 3/4"diameter. £1350

Sealed freeblown cylinder Jno Wansborough 1798

SKU: S1045. JNOWansboro1798.NW
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