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M0315S.NEWMANHALFMALL.X  Excellent small halfsize mallet c1730 blackglass (dark olive green) sealed well to centre body "R/Newman" (for Richard  Newman, merchant mariner of Dartmouth Devon, a major influencial family in the South Devon area trading in particular with Canada as well as other colonial outposts of the time. Extremely attractive small size and early bottle large well lipped seal, pleasing proportions, bubbled, deep kickup with wide sandpontil, lopsided marvered sided bodyrounded sloped shoulder into  wide based tapering short neck into fine v section string rim (somewhat nibbled one side but not particularly distracting, finishing in sheared off plain lip. Chip to seal edge 1 oclock well restored, two main chips and nibbling to stringrim and extreme difficult to see hairline in base. 6"high, 4 1/2"diameter.     £sold

Sealed Halfsize mallet "R Newman"

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