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V04O2M.SLIPUZZLEJ.M    Attractive country pottery slipwarepuzzlejiug dated 1820. Dark brown glaze over redware body, with creamy yellow slip decoration. Ovoid body with vertical cyinder neck pierced with squares below overhanging rounded lip with 5 spouts everting. Long handle applied from lip to base of jug. Slipware trailed text reading " try your Skill/ill Sixpence if youWill/that you dont drink unlefs you Spill". Groups of five dots interspacing the neck squares, crisscrossing diagonal and dot effect on handle with date 1822 on handle. and dots around tubular lip. Flat unglazed base, dark brown glaze dripping down to just above base all around.m Excellent and naive classic puzzle jug in country pottery of Burton in Lonsdale. three spouts restored. 6 1/2"high, 4 3/4"diameter. £sold

Slipware puzzlejug c1822

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