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V0704SW.PUZZLEBRAMPT.M  Superb example classic english (Brampton pottery) handled saltglazed puzzle jug c1835 on pedestal foot, shallow bulbous body with tallcylindrical neck with cutout hearts and circles either side of neck tube with three good lipped spouts protruding, lip further trimmed with repeat shallow curves. Fake tublular handle large and ear shaped, , connecting from base  to neck ring. 5 bold sprigs to body of assorted toper scenes, one reclining against table and ale jug, holding head, one larger relining smoking and with wine glass, centre of large rotund hatted toper with ale jug and pipe, fourth of two drunken topers holding each other up, one with lantern, and fifth reclining toper with alejug and glass, table and pipe. Good dark honey colouring with brown highlighting from above giving a warm colour throughout. Inset base, excellent condition. 7 1/2"high, 5 3/8"diameter   £395

Stoneware Puzzle Jug c1830 Brampton sprigged

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