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T0327SW.TIGLAZECRUDEBELLARM.M  Charmingly rustic very crude German brown saltglaze stoneware bellarmine c1650, attractive brown speckled tigerglaze almost completely, with various touchmarks, kilnmarks, small kiln blows etc, narow foot, wirecut with rough nibbled edge, tall baluster form into taperingneck finished in well cordoned lip. Strong small handle applied slightly distorted, withrait tail end. Mask is very charicatured and symbolic, almost cubist, stylised features. The belly roundel is even more stylised, appearing to be a two-handled footed vase with ultra symbolic "sticklike" flowers. A classic example of this late debased form. Handle is re-attached but tight, otherwise excellent. 9"high,4 7/8"diameter  £sold

Stylised tigerglaze Bellarmine 1650+

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