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T0317SW.WMIVFLASKBOURNE.M    Detailed classic Bourne Denby production well impressed to lower front "WILLIAM,IV,THS/REFORM/CORDIAL" in serif caps. Flask modelled as upper body of WmIV with high collared mid brown glazed coat  and Order of the Garter star. A somewhat surly face with double chin and curly hair picked out in brown with brown pinhole pupils below a furrowed brow. Hands folded over each other to his front. Excellent except small restoration to right lapel. To rear impressed "BELPER 7 DENBY/BOURNES/POTTERIES/DERBYSHIRE" Superb typical quality modelling and picked out colour glazing. 7 1/2"high, 3 1/4"x 1 7/8" diameter base.   £235

Bourne William IV reform flask

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