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I0508S.SCRABSTER1830.X   Rare "Tappit Hen" size of spirit/wine, freeblown, blackglass (dark olive green) cylindrical sealed mid body "SCRABSTER/1830" in serif caps with good seal lip edge. Ful origina surface gloss, deep kickup with sand pontil, slightly sagged base, straight outward tapering sides to round shoulders into short tapering bulged neck topped with double  tooled rounded applied lip. Scrabster  is a small settlement on Thurso Bay in Caithness on the north coast of Scotland. This is a very unusual Tappit Hen size of magnum, a size associated particularly with Scotland and usually three times normal size.  14 3/8"high, x 4 3/4"diameter   £695

Tappit Hen size seal cyl "Scrabster 1830"

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